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24 Oct

By: Erika Savage & Isabel Zhu

Agincourt had an amazing swim season this year, approved taking place from November 2015 to March 2016. Being the largest team in Scarborough with more than 40 dedicated swimmers, dosage Agincourt’s swimmers trained hard every Tuesday and Thursday with their amazing coaches: Ms. Kil, Mr. Fraser, and alumni Larry Leung. Each practice held a variety of new challenges, with a combination of kick/pull/swim sets, dive and flip turn practice, relay starts, entertaining swim activities, and mini meets to get the team in its best shape in preparation for the first big swim meet, East Regionals.

After multiple mini-meets in which swimmers continued to improve their times, the big day finally arrived on February 9th: Regional Championships at the beautiful Etobicoke Olympian. The dynamic day was filled with enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and excitement from swimmers cheering each other on. It was an incredible day; the team won 21 golds, 15 silvers, and 14 bronzes, while the Open Boys won their division.

One week later on February 23rd, the Markham Pan Am centre hosted the city championships. More than half of the swimmers on the team qualified for this meet, and everyone competed hard to reach their goals of self-improvement, an OFSAA qualifying time, and a spot on the podium. On this day, ACI’s swimmers won 3 golds, 3 silvers, and 4 bronzes. The Open Boys finished 5th overall, and as a school, Agincourt finished 9th in the TDSB.

The OFSAA championships were held in Windsor from March 7th to 9th, where those with the qualifying times spent three days competing against the top swimmers across the province. All swimmers swam in the afternoon finals, in which only the top 16 swimmers make each province.

The results were outstanding. Tristan Li placed 10th in the 100m Men’s Open Backstroke, Almila Bahar placed 15th in the 100m Junior Girls Breaststroke, and Robert Conquer placed 6th in the Junior Boys 50m Freestyle. Together, Justin Reiter, Robert Conquer, Alfred Yong, and Bobby Zhao finished 6th in the Junior Boys Medley Relay. Lastly, a huge congratulations to Erika Savage, who finished first in both the 50m and 100m Freestyle, an accomplishment that no OFSAA female athlete has ever accomplished before!

Swimming is customarily known as an individual sport and is treated as such, but Agincourt swimmers know that isn’t the case. It is because of the powerful team spirit, friends pushing each other to their limits, and amazing teamwork that lead to the wonderful results seen with ACI’s 2015-2016 swim team. Congratulations swimmers!