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24 Oct

By: Alexander Rigney

On Wednesday, cure March 23, information pills the cafeteria was transformed as grade twelve students from Mr. Kotsirilos’ business leadership classes competed in the twentieth annual Business Luncheon. An afternoon of good food, healing fine décor, and dining entertainment, the event was the culmination of months of organisation and hard work by the students and was judged by VIP guests and teachers alike.

The three themes selected this year were Disney, the Roaring Twenties, and Atlantis. A class’ theme serves as the unifying idea behind key elements such as the décor, menu, and of course, entertainment of their area and guests. The classes work together and organize themselves into committees and groups simulating real-world business activities in a hands-on activity. Though all three classes worked hard and put a great effort into their work, Atlantis managed to come out ahead and was declared the winner.

All of this hard work was evident as you walked into the former cafeteria, barely recognizable. Each of the three classes had claimed a section, forming an L shape around the performance area. Sections of the walls had been covered with draperies and you were greeted at the door by grinning hosts.

The first thing to hit you, of course, was the décor. Crossing the bridge to Disney, one was met by magenta tables against a backdrop of the infamous Castle. Each table featured a centrepiece based off a movie – Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, Frozen, and The Little Mermaid. Likewise, their menu dishes were creatively inspired by different movies – Snow White, Aladdin, Lady and the Tramp, and Lilo and Stitch.

Moving on, you find yourself sent back in time to the Roaring Twenties. Passing by the tables and the photo booth, one appreciates the sombre yet elegant setting of the section –gold tables set against the black of the backdrop and apparel of the servers. Based on the brief period between World War I and the Great Depression, the décor reflects the elegant era of celebration and modernity.

Finally, submerged below the sea lies the lost city of Atlantis. Brilliant in the pure white of the chairs and servers, and highlighted with the royal blue of the tables, the décor reflected the sparkling purity of the city’s ocean home. The tables, decorated with a branch centrepiece, included live betta fish in glasses and a scattering of seashells.

But décor and the meal were only two of the major parts of the Business Luncheon. Midway through the meal, the entertainment started. Each class performed a short skit and dance based on their theme. Lasting about 10 minutes each, these creative and often humorous skits were what most of the guests had been looking forward to – and they weren’t disappointed.

Up first was Disney with a short fairy tale of their own creation, drawing on inspiration from various movies and ending with a dance. The Roaring Twenties were next with a grandmother telling her grandson about the good ol’ days. The skit revolved around a party in the twenties she had attended, and also ended in a group dance. Finally, Atlantis spun the tale of two lovers separated by the sinking of the city, to be fortunately reunited again at the end.

Though Atlantis was declared the winner, all three classes put a great effort into their work and certainly made the final decision difficult for the VIP judges. A big congratulations to all the students for organizing and executing this luncheon. A big thank you also to the staff and stage crew for supporting this annual tradition, as well as to Ms. Williams, who started the tradition twenty years ago, and who attended as a VIP guest this year.