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Club Name Staff Advisor


2017/2018 Mandate


Agincourt African Caribbean Club Ms. Fairclough Summer Hawamdeh
Kera Hinds-James
Dana Tucker
The mission of the Agincourt African-Caribbean Club is to create a positive space of acknowledgement and respect for African-Caribbean culture, history and experience. Biweekly Tuesday at lunch Rm. 115
Agincourt Applied Engineering Club Mr. Bei Jack Zhang
Michael Zhen
Jimmy Zhen
Jackson Zheng
To promote interest in the field of Applied Engineering for all ACI students Weekly
Agincourt Archery Club Ms. Cooper Jarvis Weng
Chris Chan
Marcella Kwan
An opportunity for students to meet new friends & play archery. Tuesdays at lunch in the basement.
Agincourt Chinese Association Mr Bei Danny Wang
Christine Mo
Arika Li
To help new ESL students at ACI to adjust and to hold annual Chinese New Year Show Weekly
Agincourt Culinary Arts Association Ms. Goh
Mr. Sparks
Alice Xu
Evan Hum
Ava So
Jessica Zhang
Rosalinda Sit
Peter He
To expand our kitchen skills, and explore culinary techniques and food trends around the world by preparing food. Biweekly Tuesday: General Meeting & Biweekly Monday: Cooking
Agincourt Film Club Mr. Bei Henry Guan
Henry Xiong
Daniel Liu
Ryan Pan
To learn filmmaking process and techniques
To produce short films throughout the year
Agincourt G.S.A.
(Gender & Sexuality Alliance)
Ms. Lintott
Ms. Tomioka
Mr. Jang-Naruse
Ms. Song
Ms. Clark
Anweshi Das
Amillia Ho
Michelle Vu
Joey Vong
Janell Chelliah
Nishalinie Sundaramoorthy
To advocate, support and provide a social space for LGBTQ+ students, teachers and allies. Thursdays @ Lunch in the Positive Space (across from the Sunshine hallway rainbow lockers)
Agincourt Historical Society Mr. Richards Elizabeth Grundy Our mission is to explore and celebrate World History, and to cultivate an awareness and an appreciation for how History impacts our daily lives. Tuesdays at lunch in Room 206
Agincourt RPG Club Ms. Randall
Ms. Cullen
Elizabeth Grundy To provide a venue for students who enjoy playing tabletop games Friday room 114
Agincourt Snack Shack Ms. Lamb
Ms. Mangeermalani
To promote healthy eating and nutrition awareness throughout the school. Monday – Friday 3-4pm in the Snack Shack.
Agincourt Ultimate Club Ms. Cooper Louie Weng
Vivian Yap
Caroline Siow
Johnson Yu
Christine Dang
Maharai Mitchell
An opportunity for students to meet new friends & play ultimate frisbee (during the indoor season). TBD (depends on gym availablity)
Debt Free Graduates Ms. Bacanin Larisa Julius
Windy Tan
Amanda Yu
Angela Leung
To provide information re scholarships, etc. to graduating students TBD
Economics Club Mr. Trifon
Mr. Kotsirilos
Patrick Feng
Derek Huang
Weiqi Wang
Sunni Liu
Lucy Qiu
Amy Yi
Learning through seminar based lectures from experienced internal and external professionals. Wednesdays at lunch in Room 237
English Literary Society Mrs. Kolter Sophie Fei
Anshen Huang
BoBo Yan
To provide a safe & comfortable venue to practice English language skills and provide peer helping with homework and assignments. Days 1 & 3
Lunch hour
Computer Lab 226
Ex. Agincourt Awesome Adventurers Ms. Nam-Wong Mr. Smit
Ms. Ghazariansteja
To promote awesomeness around Agincourt and to encourage students to step off the beaten path.
French Club P. Kostoulias
D. Morrison
Asmaa Rakik
Dhillon Jaggernauth
To explore Francophone culture and experiences at A.C.I. Tuesdays at lunch in Room 116
HOSA: Agincourt Chapter Ms. Kapica TBA TBA TBA
Humans of Agincourt Mr. Butash Stephanie Ma
Tyler Jing
Mimika Hazra
Humans of Agincourt is a photoblog on Facebook that features portraits and interviews collected from various students and staff at Agincourt. Members have conversations with various members of the community and post small quotes and stories alongside photographs. Before school in MR2 (date picked monthly)
Kids Are Scientists Too (KAST) Ms. Rehmani Luxiga Thanabalachandran
Peter He
Julia Zhang
Mary Chen
To give students a way to interpret science creatively. Will mentor elementary school students and channel their passion for science in a positive way that helps local communities. Biweekly
Tuesday at lunch
Rm 142
Lancer Press Ms. Botelho
Ms. Rakita
Sahar Fatima
Wazina Wadud
Cindy Yu
Jackie Zhen
To inform Agincourt’s staff, students, and community of school-related, local, and global news. Wednesdays in room 115
Library Volunteers Mr. Keramedes Varies by Shift To learn how to effectively run and manage a library. M-Thurs before school, at lunch and after school.
Fridays before school and at lunch
Mental Health/ Wellness Team Mr. Lee
Ms. Tomioka
Jenil Patel
Evangel Yip
Elsie Zhang
Kelvin Huang
To promote positive well being and mental health through learning experiences and events to the Agincourt Community. TBA
Model UN Club Ms. Rundle Max Li
Maheen Nadeem
To educate students about other cultures, teach global citizenship and diplomacy, United Nations procedure and to apply these skills at MUN conferences Tuesday. at lunch (subject to change)
Room 202
Lunch time
Muslim Students Association Mr. Qayum Shoaiba Hyder
Maha Saleem
To provide a safe and productive space for Muslim students at ACI. Every Tuesday at Lunch in Room 220
Reach for the Top Mr. Kubisz David Guo
Jacky Liang
Bruce Liu
Elizabeth Grundy
To run the popular Reach for the Top House League; to represent our school in the interschool Reach for the Top league Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at lunch; school team meets on Mondays at lunchl
Robotics Club Mr.Thoms To continue to participate in the FRC Robotics Competitions Mon,Wed,Friday 3:00-4:00
Tues,Thurs at Lunch
Social Justice & P.E.A.C.E. Club Ms. Rundle
(Ms. Kotler)
Anisha Satkunarajah
Dharindya Abeyratne
Wasiq Wadud
Krupal Patel
Our club strives to raise awareness of social justice issues among Agincourt Students, to raise funds in support of those issues, and to provide students with opportunities to help the Agincourt community and communities abroad. Our goal is to make the world a better place. Wed. at lunch (subject to change)
Room 202
Lunch time
Stage Crew Ms. Lam
Mr. Butash
Mr. Solomon
Jeremy Zheng
Amy Ngo
Benjamin Wu
Elaine Hoang
Alyssa Duhaney
Sunco Li
To provide audio-visual services in the school. Thursdays at lunch in Rm. 103
Tamil Student Association Mr. Solomon Anusa Sasikantharajah
Aranie Sriskanthorajah
Elahveyini Aswaththaman
Kagetha Sivasambu
To encourage Tamil youth to be more involved with the community. Room 119/125 1X week
Teens4Christ Mr. Tors Jesse Ren
Anson Lee
Tyler Jing
To provide Christian students with a community of those who share their beliefs and an opportunity to explore those beliefs within the context of the school environment Weekly