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24 Oct

By: Cassidy Lo

As if the week before March Break wasn’t eventful enough, treatment it was also the week of Agincourt’s fifth annual Francofolies. The ambition of the event has always been to embrace the French culture amongst the “Frenchies” by dedicating a week to entertaining festivities intertwined with an incentive class competition. This goal was surely fulfilled as the week was a huge success–all of those who participated definitely had a blast.

All students were given a “passport” to keep track of their points for each activity or task that they completed. Throughout the week, pharmacy students were encouraged to partake in the thoughtfully planned French-orientated activities. In the end, the top individuals and classes who collect the most points will earn a free trip to Cora’s, along with an exclusive movie date.

The week consisted of activities of all types, making it suitable and enjoyable for everyone regardless of their interests. Some of the organized events included: Café Français, Amazing Race, board games, and even a cooking trip during the lunch hour. For those who still wished to participate but weren’t able to dedicate their precious lunches, earning points remained of opportunity. A supplementary checklist of French related tasks was provided, allowing the flexibility for students to accomplish things such as ‘listen to a French CD’ on their own time. Simply speaking French in the hallways could earn you some major points as well. Either way, Francofolies was planned with the circumstances of the French student body in mind while catering to their interests.

After the hustle and bustle of the week, Francofolies traditionally closed with a wrap up assembly to announce the winners and to feature all the qualifying videos. This year’s spectacle included thematic adaptations, such as The Hunger Games and aspiring rap music videos.

A special shoutout goes to the winners of this year’s Francofolies competition: Masoud Rahshani, Serena Beddoe, Mme. Gibson’s eleven immersion class, Mme. Gibson’s grade nine core class, and the two grade ten immersion classes.

Félicitations à tous, et merci beaucoup à Mme. Ling, Mme. Gibson et le reste du département de français pour cet événement amusant!