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08 Dec

By: Anna Li

With the holidays quickly approaching, information pills everyone seems to be frantically searching for the perfect gift to buy for their loved ones. Unfortunately, being students, many of us are restricted to a certain budget. So, if you have a strict budget but still want to get a fantastic gift for someone, here is some advice!

Meaningful Presents
The first thought that comes to mind when you’re under a budget is to make a gift. However, not all of us are as artistically inclined as others. If you’re struggling to make a gift, then perhaps you’re lacking inspiration. Pinterest and many other sites offer very simple ideas for those who want to make something unique, but don’t have the skills or the time. The most important thing to consider when making a gift is what it will mean to the recipient. Choose to make something that has sentimental value! A great idea is to make a book out of a deck of cards. Simply take a deck of cards and write a personal note on each one. You can also make a memory box. Take an old tin can of altoids or a jar and fill it with pieces of paper that you’ve written notes or memories on. Other great ideas include photo collages, homemade survival kits, and decorative ornaments.
Link to Card Book: Click Here

Dollarama Inspired
For all of you who only have a couple bucks in your pocket, you may want to take a trip to Dollarama. With a variety of mugs, jars, beads, and a ton more craft supplies, Dollarama may just help you make the perfect present. If you’re artistically inclined, buy a mug or a mason jar – which will cost a maximum of three dollars – and take it home to paint. Your gift will not only look nice but it will be unique. You can also bring back all of your childhood memories by making a friendship bracelet. Dollarama’s items may look cheap, but you can turn them into a masterpiece.

Sweets and Treats
Feeling adventurous? Or maybe just hungry? Either way, baking is an amazing solution to making presents on a budget. From something simple, like sugar cookies, to a more gourmet treat, this present is guaranteed to make you and your gift-receiver happy. Cookies are a very simple treat to make for anyone who may wreak havoc in the kitchen, and they can easily be personalized with some icing. For those who are more advanced bakers, there are a ton of recipes online that will cater to your sweet toothed friend. An added benefit would be that you could make the gift with the person receiving it. Sure, it won’t be a surprise, but you’ll have a good time.
Link to Sugar Cookie Recipe: Click Here

Adventures Trump Objects
Gifts do not only have to be tangible. An elaborate idea for a gift is to create a game, or to copy a game. Make your own family feud or jeopardy! Memories of a good time will always be more important than physical objects. So, organize a day of fun as a gift. Watch a movie together (at the theatres or at home) and have some hot chocolate. There’s no greater gift than friendship after all.

Last Resort
None of the ideas above work for you? Well, then you may just have to forget the gift in total. A gift isn’t always necessary, sometimes a card will suffice. A card that has been chosen or made specifically for one person will definitely get a warm acceptance. Think about what you want to write in the card. Try to remember how you made that pop-up card in second grade, and then replicate it (or enhance it). A lovely card doesn’t always just have to accompany the gift, it can simply be the gift.
Link to Cards: Click Here

Just remember, it’s the thought that counts!