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08 Dec

By: Cindy Yu

If you walked by the music area during the first week of November, buy more about you probably noticed that it was quieter than usual. The grade 9 and grade 10 music students had left for the annual music retreat at the Salvation Army Jackson’s Point Conference Centre for some exciting music-making.

Each year, dosage the junior music students head to Jackson’s Point for 2-4 days to work with professional guest clinicians, online have numerous rehearsals and sectionals, and participate in fun, interactive activities.

This year, special guest Bill Thomas worked with the Wind Ensemble and Mark Chambers, and Jared Erhardt worked with the Concert Orchestra, and Linda Beaupré—founder and conductor of the Bach Children’s Chorus and Bach Chamber Youth Choir—came up on the last day to work with our Concert Choir.

Not only was the retreat intended for the junior students to get a chance to work on and improve their musical skills, but one other important purpose was for them to interact with others and make new friends. This was accomplished through numerous team-building activities that allowed the juniors to develop their leadership and cooperation skills.

The music retreat is an important tradition of ACI’s music department. It allows the MUSICA family to come together, bond as one family, and create memories that will be cherished forever. This tradition will hopefully continue to be a success in the coming years, and our music department will maintain the excellent legacy that it has been left with each year.